Nikola Tesla’s Top Inventions

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Nikola Tesla is a name many may have heard of, but during his lifetime he was not as lauded for this genius inventions as he is today. Telsa was from Smiljan, Croatia and studied at Realschule, Karlsdadt, which was later called Johann-Rudolph-Glauber Realschule Karlstadt. He also attended school in Austria at the Technical University in Graz, where he studied physics and math, as well as going to the University of Prague to study philosophy.

He came to the US when he was 28 years old and worked with several famous people, to include Thomas Edison. Over his lifetime he had many patents in several countries. His first InventHelp Patent was for a commutator for dynamo-electric machines in 1884, but he went on to protect many of his other inventions with 112 in the US, as well as 30 in Great Britain, 10 in France, 27 in Belgium, 21 in Germany…

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